Free Poker Online Guide To What The Word Poker Actually Means

Posted on February 13, 2011
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Whether you play free poker or money games have you ever stopped to think about what the letters in the word POKER might mean? I’ve come up with an interpretation of what they should mean in relation to how you should play any game of poker be it a simple fun free poker game or big stakes Vegas. Check it out and maybe add this way of thinking to your poker playing mindset, hopefully you’ll win more if you do.

P – Positive attitude
A positive mental attitude is fundamental to success in poker. You must play with the belief that you should win and be able to make it happen. Believe that you’re hand is strong (if it is of course…if you’re a blind and it’s 2-7 fold!) and bet accordingly.
Just waiting and hoping to get a nice pair of aces hardly helps in poker, and when you do get them you might be defeated by a pair of twos. If you play with the wrong attitude, then other players will know that soon and force you to fold by raising the bet.

O – Opportunity
The next step is to take every opportunity that comes your way. When all the cards are on the board and you know you have a good hand you need to bet in order to maximise profit.
It’s no good if you win a hand and get pennies. So keep raising the stakes and win big. Strike when the iron is hot.

K – Knowledge
Real knowledge about poker and being able to figure all the different hand combinations that you can make. It’s not easy and requires a great amount of skill to predict what cards a person might have.
It’s all about experience and the more you play the more you learn. Once you have played enough hands you will be better at judging your opponents. Not only that, you will also be able to bluff and win (sometimes) even if you have a weak hand.

E – Eliminate
Once in a while you will get a pair of aces and what you need to do is make sure that you win. Your aim is to eliminate other players with weaker cards by raising the bet significantly, and forcing them to fold.
If you are playing on a large table then one or more other players is sure to get a good hand combination sooner or later. If not taken out initially that player could end up with a straight or flush and your aces are no match for that.

R – Realize
The final step is to realize what the other person might have and bail out early. It happens a lot of times that you bet hoping that a card you need to complete your straight or flush will come on the flop, turn or river but it never does. You keep on betting and lose money or lost of chips in free poker games. In these situations only continue if the amounts are small, once the bet is raised its better to fold.

Summary – Poker differs to other types of card game as the best cards do not always win as you will learn after a short time playing! A lot depends on the cards that come at the different games stages and the actions of other players and how you interpret and act upon those other player actions.

Poker can be really cruel at times so the best thing to do is to play and remember that it is just a game that you cannot always win. As with any sort of gambling do not spend money that you can’t afford to lose and, if you have no money to lose or are new and want need to learn how to play poker for beginners start off by only playing free poker games in order to improve with no risk of loss and also at free sites you can often win bonuses that you can cash in on cash poker sites and use in micro and then mini stakes money games.

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