Exercises For the Stomach Advice

Posted on March 21, 2011
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One of the most overlooked routines during an abs workout is exercises for the stomach. The fact is that they are responsible for providing the most stability. Here are some tips on the best exercises for the stomach to help you achieve the perfect definition for your mid-section.

Tip 1

First make sure that your abs is receiving consistent challenging exercises. Avoid doing the same old mundane exercises will not only bore you but isn’t effective in stretching and sculpting your abs.

Tip 2

Make more use of the exercise balls you have in your local gym. One great exercise is the abs pull ins. Get into a push up position with your shins resting firmly on the exercise ball. Once you have got your balance I want you to pull your knees in towards your chest and slowly extending them back out and repeat. This is a great target exercise for lower as well as the upper abs. Lesson here is to use more exercise ball routines.

Tip 3

This involves hanging knee and legs rises. Bear in mind that this may seem a little difficult for beginners but for those who are able this type of exercise is superb for lower abs. Since this is more challenging than normal abs crunches and you can guarantee to get the best exercise for lower abs. Now you can do a hanging knee rise by using a wide grip bar or hanging elbow straps. Remember to bring your knees up towards you chest only by routing your pelvis and not swing yourself for momentum.

Tip 4

Jog, run, Sprint. Any active intense movement with your legs over a period of time will develop your mid section fast. Running is considered the best exercises for the stomach. If you enjoy running then you can follow this up with some specific abs routines to help tone your stomach faster.

Tip 5

Now you can try stability ball planks or general floor plank holds. Start by getting into a plank position, support your chest and forearms on the ball and your toes on the floor. Your chest should be off the floor or ball with your back straight and your eyes fixed ahead. Maintain this pose for 30sec – 1 minute and repeat twice. For those looking for that abdominal burn this is the best exercises for the stomach.

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