Examples Of The Best, And Worst, Ways Of Upping Your Beta Brainwaves Activity?

Posted on December 16, 2010
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The beta brainwaves are the brainwave frequency that is used most during your waking hours. Used mainly for conscious thought and action the beta brainwaves are very important to day-to-day living. With greater influence over these thoughts and actions life would be much easier during a typical day. You will often find that people that live longer and healthier lives have higher levels of beta brainwaves.

Now that you know what they do you might be asking yourself how can you increase your beta brain wave activity level? Great question if you were thinking it, and there are some good ways to go about it and some bad ones.

Some of what we will call the bad ways are smoking, energy drinks, diet pills, and medications like Adderall, and as crazy as it might sound snorting cocaine increases the levels of beta brain waves. All of these things will increase your beta brainwave levels but they will also increase a number of health related problems and are general just bad for you all around and I would not recommend any of them.

The right way to go about increasing your levels or beta brain waves is to do puzzles that require you to think and concentrate to solve them. Even something simple and old fashion like a crossword puzzle will increase the level of beta waves that you have in your brain. . These activities do a great job but only for the a limited time so they aren’t a great long term method like some other things.

Meditation is another way that people can learn to control all levels of their brainwaves but this is a very slow process taking years, if ever, to really get the greatest effect. A very powerful and scientific method is something called neurofeedback but this is a very expensive models and not something that a normal person can afford to take part in.

The best mix of effective and inexpensive lies in a process called brainwave entrainment. A fairly new process that works wonders without breaking the bank it is a great mix of time, money, effort, ease of use (and I know for myself since I use it in my own personal life). Due to modern advances in our understanding of the human brain this has proven a very powerful method of increasing beta brainwave levels. It is very inexpensive in comparison to neurofeedback and does not require the time investment of meditation but returns great benefits in some people as quick as 2 or 3 sessions.

If you want to see your energy level, focus, and concentration increase you need to learn to work daily on raising your levels of beta brainwaves. When you have mastered the art of controlling your brainwaves you will find that your overall interaction with everything, and everyone, around you is improved.

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