Energy Healing Calgary What Are The Risks?

Posted on September 28, 2010
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Energy healing Calgary is just as good as energy healing elsewhere. Does this kind of healing work? It sure does. Of course it won’t work for everyone.

But, to be honest, not even doctors can promise you that his drugs or procedures will work either.

Are there risks and side-effects to procedures and drugs of the modern age? Of course there are!

But are there similar risks to energy healing Calgary?

Risks are far fewer if any at all. Because of the cleansing affect, I did feel ill once, and even giddy after a healing session, but that was it.

Energy healing addiction is probably the only risk 🙂

Whatever works is right that is my point. This is the experience I have had. Is this your experience too?

If it makes me feel better and it does not kill me in the process I will personally use it. I don’t care if it is a drug or energy healing Calgary, or positive thinking.

Energy healing Calgary comes into the picture, when you do not absolutely need an operation or take nasty drugs the doctor wants to give you.

As long as my life does not depend on it, if I have a problem I would first seek out an energy healing Calgary practitioner first to see what can be done.

Daniela at will do a great job helping you with energy healing Calgary. She is a healer, and a teacher. She has helped many people, and she can help you.

Many doctors are not in it to heal but for the money, the best doctors are healers by nature. They were born to heal, to treat, and to help.

We are after healing so we look for healers. But where does the real healing begin? It starts within.

Just finding the best energy healing Calgary, or doctor with the great hope that they alone have the power to heal us is simply not enough. If we have a deep desire to heal ourselves we will be assisting them.

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