Don’t Stop Learning, As Mentor John Wooden Says

Posted on April 7, 2011
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A quote by John Wooden has been explained, “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts”. It is a certain quotation which is often used by lots of people so as to inspire others whenever they would be at the down side on their lives. And also if things are fine, people will not be able to advance favorably. People would usually tend to feel that they do know every little thing when they attain a specific level in their lives.

It’s important that you would still continue to learn although you may have perfected one thing in your own life. Like for example, when you have accomplished a specific success in your own life. You may not have to cease and declare you’re done. You’ll need to mature in most aspects for you to carry on to achieve success in your own life. If you have acquired a specific success as an adult, it’s important that you figure out that things which you have mastered on the way. Such basic principle can be about extending your capabilities. You need to mature out of your capability. This is pressing yourself beyond your limits. To live your life fully, this is just what you must do.

Maybe you have encountered tons or several achievements in your own life. This is a good thing. But it is important that you do not stop in these achievements alone; you should have more achievements in your own life. Getting good results is not just like a race. People must understand that to succeed, they have to study continuously. It is very important continuously mature. We can easily have a chance to be better in anything that we achieve. We could also carry on doing and accomplish better things.

We can be comfortable with the achievements that we are experiencing right now that we are often fearful of what lays outside of our comfort zones. But when you just relax and take a step past these comfort zones, maybe you have the chance to go from being agreeable to being great. You may become more prosperous and better than you seem to be. And if you continue doing so, you’ll continue to succeed.

It is essential to be full of practical knowledge and training. And perhaps for those who have achieved maximum level, try and exceed that accomplishment; be an exemption. Whenever you practice this principle, you will see that you happen to be living a life filled with satisfaction. And if you start to act right this moment, you will achieve more and you won’t ever be sorry for using quotes by John Wooden. Go to <> to find out a lot more about Mentor Wooden, his life and several of his renowned quotes.

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