Do You Still Watch A Reality Show About Weight Loss

Posted on November 10, 2010
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Just like any other television show, the Biggest Loser keeps itself fresh by making changes to the format of the show, The people on the show are more contentious than ever. Contestants are trying to win by doing more than just losing weight. Ultimately, however, the show is pretty much exactly what it has always been which is good news for NBC, which has found a way to combine the appeal of reality television with America’s desire to learn how to slim down fast, and turned it into a steady source of popular programming.
It is still the same idea that it has always been. Up to twenty contestants vie to see who can be most successful at losing the pounds that have grown around their body. There’s temptation, tears, and torture. There are also transformations. The contestants have gotten bigger every season. The results that these people are able to achieve is nothing short of amazing.
Contestants are coming to the show with an emotional story that drives them. When a viewer is watching they want to care about a person who is on the show. Many of the contestants have a reason that they have struggled with their weight and are willing to share it with the viewers. That makes it hard not to root for everyone to succeed, which is the point. The appeal of the Biggest Loser is that the prize is mostly the right to be there as long as possible, and the audience watches to see who loses the weight rather than who wins the $250,000 grand prize and the show offers a chance to see what can happen when people receive intensive support in the weight-loss process, rather that an infomercial that promises to help a person learn what is the quickest way to lose weight in 2 weeks, and likely serves as an inspiration for viewers to get off the couch and try and start the process themselves.
The contestants are not the only ones on the show. But the host is not a main focus for many of the viewers. Most of the show is about other things and it is not a very big part that needs to be filled. They are remembered mostly for congratulating people on their weight loss and informing the eliminated contestant that they aren’t the biggest loser, but the question of who should get the job has always been somewhat controversial as one host looked like she would be a better fit on an infomercial about best way to lose weight with hypothyroidism because but she struggled with her weight, and was hardly as trim as the show’s trainers. She was replaced because the producers of the Biggest Loser felt that it would be better to have someone who was not struggling with her own weight issues.
There are many other important characters on the show. It is more about the ones who need to lose weight and the people who show them how to do it. One trainer left the show because she was unhappy at how she was portrayed. The show got her to come back and she is still on the show. The trainers work their team hard. There are some participants who are very close to giving it all up.
The prospect of hard work is not enough to scare people from applying for the show. The idea of finding a way to lose a large amount of weight in a short time is something that many people desire. That idea that a person can somehow transform their lives in one season is one of the main reasons that viewers are drawn to the show every season.
The reality weight loss show is popular enough to stay on the air for quite a while. Someone will always want to be on television for whatever reason they can and will be willing to do anything to be on the show. If they can create enough drama, and then someone will want to watch it.

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