Do Not Be The Only One Without A Motion Controlled Video Game

Posted on December 22, 2010
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Does your home have a motion controlled gaming console in it? It is common knowledge that there are many people who are overweight. But ever since the emergence of the Nintendo Wii things have been changing. People are playing these gaming consoles as a way to help them get fit. With the upcoming xbox 360 kinect release date there are signs that, with the help of gaming systems, some of us might be making progress against the problem of obesity and more people are getting up off their sofas to play this new wave of video games that have flooded the market

This is a new concept. The video games of old that had us blasting the aliens are not dominating the market anymore. Manufacturers have noticed. There are more games that help a person exercise than ever before. Well known people are lending their names too the titles. It has not escaped the eyes of personal trainers either. No one says fitness games will solve the nation’s obesity problem. The desire for the games to do some good is there. Anything that gets a child moving more is a positive thing.

People who use consoles like the Nintendo Wii and the xbox 360 kinect certainly move around and in the fitness games users are invited to try yoga, strength exercises, aerobic activities and balance games while stepping and gyrating around their house while following an on-screen trainer and also keeping track of how users are toning their bodies, improving posture and balance and burning calories.
There is the question of how effective the games are. For people who have been inactive, there is a good chance they can see improvements. Once a person starts moving their body, it could lead them to finding more ways to keep moving besides the games. Even fitness professionals have found some use for fitness games. Retirement homes are one of the locations that have had people benefit from these devices as they are used for the elderly.
Any time a person is working out their body they can get hurt. This happens with those who use the new gaming consoles. There are limits to the workouts that these titles provide and they may not be strenuous enough for some. Some of the abilities that a fitness professional can give to an individual are lost when depending on a machine designed for the masses. Exercising with the new consoles is only one thing a person needs too do if they want to get fit and trim.
The degree of difficulty of the exercise games varies greatly. Some titles are designed for the casual user while others are designed for a more serious activity. Companies are developing more titles. The market for fitness games is growing every day. Manufacturers seem to have a lot more tricks up their sleeves to help get a person moving. There does not seem to be many limits as to what these consoles can do.
Looking ahead we might see a game that adapts itself to a person’s body and what that person needs at any time. By combining the power of the internet with the platforms a person can exercise with others without going to a fitness club.
Children are not the only ones who need to start playing these games. Families can find new activities that they can participate in together. For children it is a good way to get them moving. Kids will learn important habits that will help them as adults. Do not overdo the gaming. Playing sports and other exercise is still just as important. This should be included in everyone’s routines. When you can not get outside to move around though, turn to a gaming console. The best games to play are the ones that allow you to workout without knowing that you are working out.

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