Diagnosing The Completely Wrong Time For Selling Your Business

Posted on December 8, 2010
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Trying to sell a business only when it becomes absolutely imperative to do so is perhaps the worst possible business decision one could make. Potential buyers can feel your fear or anxiety, and hence you must try to keep your cool while negotiating with them. Otherwise, they may take undue advantage of your desperation. Sadly, this is a common feature of the current market. Many businesses are finding it hard to make both ends meet and willing to sell out; but finding it very hard to complete the sale.

A fake mask of bravery can be equally bad for an owner, since it only hides their fear of failure. When a business is in the midst of failing, the owner may put on a brave face or even be in a state of denial. Negotiations are the most critical time for a seller to listen to their advisors.

Unless you are desperate you ought not say to any person besides close family and advisers that you’re looking for a buyer for your business. You follow your gut in broadcasting the word hoping that someone will be interested, If the news is out, most probably, most of your employees, suppliers and clients will start searching for new jobs or business partners. Doing so only makes things worse when selling a business. Once you have decided to sell your business, you should continue to run the business with the same level of dedication and enthusiasm You must be firm to your daily job routine and that is a must requirement because it is not that easy to go back from daily routine activities and you must not put all your stamina into the sale aspect only. People who buy into a business want to see its potential.

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This isn’t the right time to set a high price on your business in hopes of snagging an offer. Potential buyers are all aware of the price range of the business. As such, due to your precarious situation, you must list your business price at the low end of the possible range. You will keep buyers if you keep the price as high as possible, despite this sounding silly. In order to bring a clear view of your business entity before us, it would be advisable for you to go in for the third party (neutral party) valuation so that a fair value could be assessed for the business unit and also a prior approval from your bank would be required so that the bank should not have any objection, in case some funding to the unit has been there.

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Selling a business is often a once in a lifetime experience, so sellers are usually inexperienced when it comes to negotiating with potential buyers. The outcome of these meetings is generally a determination of an offer along with its terms and conditions. In order to prevent manipulation in negotiation and communicate your motivation it is necessary to handle the key questions properly and avoid revealing desperation to the potential buyer. The ability to anticipate these questions and help you prepare to make honest and intelligent decisions is a major advantage of a good business brokerage firm.

Timing is everything when you’re sharing a joke. It’s also true when you’re selling a business. For more information regarding selling or buying businesses take a look at selling a business.

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