Dealing With A Thyroid Condition And The Negative Effects

Posted on March 15, 2011
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Being overweight or underweight is sometimes a side effect of a thyroid problem. Many people believe that treating a thyroid problem will end their weight struggles. By treating the medical condition a person can reverse the side effects that the condition had caused. People will sometimes find that it is not that simple to get back into the shape they want once their hypothyroidism is under control.

People will check with their doctor and find their thyroid condition is under control. They will look for other reasons behind their weight gain, and they might try to further limit their calories, or they will exercise even more, but they still face the weight issues that were among the first of the symptoms of low thyroid condition that they saw before they were diagnosed with an under active thyroid and will wonder what they have to do to fix the weight issues that they are facing. Rather than being the fault of a medical condition, the real problem lies in the choices that a person makes for their body.

There are three factors that are likely at work for people who are having a difficult time losing weight. Glucose tolerance along with how a person thinks and how a person uses energy affect how they are able to lose weight. If a person is able to resolve their hormonal imbalance they then have to take care of the rest o the issues to get into shape.
When you begin to take in too many calories, you have a small weight gain. The body will try to burn as many of the calories as it can to stay in shape. This is the metabolic set point. People can avoid the extra pounds because they adjust their efficiency to match what they take in. When you have a weight problem your body is not able to adjust as easily. The extra calories are taken in and the body does not adjust to the increase. Fewer calories are burned and the weight is stored. This theory can help explain why some people seem to be able to eat more while not gaining weight. Other people can not even look at food without adding a pound or two.
A person’s metabolism is often times out of a person’s control. But that does not mean there is nothing that can be done for it. Making healthy food choices is very important. Do not vary the amount of calories that are taken in on any given day. If a person really wants to improve their metabolism they need to work out more often.

Brain Chemistry is directly tied to hunger. People will think they are hungry because that is what they are being told. The thyroid has a large role in controlling this process. In addition to taking some low thyroid diet pills a person can do some other things to help counteract the affects of their brain on their need to eat and they can do this by boosting serotonin levels in their body through aerobic exercises for at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week and herbal supplements that will also boost production of serotonin and help a person to avoid the hungry feeling that leads to increased consumption and therefore increased weight.

People who struggle with their glucose can struggle with their weight. Carbs are not digested as quickly when a person is having troubles with their thyroid. The pancreas will see a need to work harder. When a person produces more insulin they will struggle to maintain their weight.

Anyone who is suffering from a thyroid condition should understand how it affects their weight. Thyroid problems are a chronic problem. But if they do the right things they can control it.

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