Dealing With A Food Addiction

Posted on March 17, 2011
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Addiction is a common problem in today’s society. The problems with alcohol and drugs are well known. Addiction can be more about things like these and often times is about something different. Having a need for food is something that affects a part of the population. Food is not normally something that is associated with addiction. People need to recognize that struggling with food is more common than they may think and is not something that should be ignored.
The first step to overcoming a food addiction is to realize that it is an addiction and just like an addiction to drugs or alcohol it can greatly alter your life and is just as unhealthy as any other addiction which means that overcoming food addictions can require the same effort and follow the same path as any other treatment for an addiction does complete with constant monitoring and a vigilance that does not go away with time.
In order to fix the addiction a person needs to be honest with themselves and know that they must fix it. It is okay to know that you are not perfect. Admitting the problem means that you recognize that you have to treat food in a different way. It does not mean that you can not eat anything. It is a matter of making the food less important in their life. If you know what the problem is you can have a plan that will help you to avoid the temptations that you are sure to face and find a different outlet.
People with food addictions tend to have certain types of food cravings and it is important for a person to identify what they are as most people that have a food addiction are emotional eaters and the triggers for emotional eating may include, eating when bored, stressed, or angry, or an association of food with happier times or even. Talking to a person who is trained in the field could be an important step that a person must take. Using a therapist will help to identify what your food cravings are.
In order to deal with the food cravings a person needs to alter the way that they do things. Keeping the things that are most tempting to them out of reach is very important. Think about what foods you should and should not buy before you shop. Make the right choices about the food before you eat them. A journal might be good for a person who is struggling with the problems.
Eating is as much as a problem for some individuals as are the other more well publicized problems that are faced my others. Food cravings can cause a person to put on many pounds and reach an unhealthy weight. To fight the addiction a person should include exercise into their routine. A person needs to follow a diet and exercise program that will lead to a healthy body. By improving their body shape a person will be able to know that what they are doing is working. This will help keep a person focused on the whole problem.
A person should try to concentrate on one main thing while they are overcoming a food addiction. The cravings for food have to be turned into other activities. A person should look for things that will not have food as the centerpiece. By finding ways to redirect yourself, you will find that you are spending less time eating.
Having uncontrollable food cravings is a difficult issue that will take a while to fix and it will have its ups and downs. A person should not get discouraged. Accept the mistakes that you make and use them as a lesson for the future. By being more aware of the choices you are making you will successfully overcome food addiction.

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