Dangers Of Fad Diets

Posted on September 26, 2010
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The number of companies that are offering a way for you to burn fat in your sleep seems to be growing. The media pressure to diet has significantly increased over the past 30 years and is bombarding us like never before. Some of these plans are very enticing to an individual. A person would have to be foolish not to listen to them The ads are designed by Madison Avenue executives who know more about how to sell something than how to make something that works. They know how to target your weaknesses and play on your desires to improve your current status. Marketers want you to believe that your happiness is at the end of their diet.

There are many people who choose to try to lose weight and pick a program like other people use drugs. The whole process provides a euphoric high that encompasses the hopes, motivation and drive to once and for all get your life on track and lose that weight and when the diet fails, the dieter blames herself and self-esteem plummets so armed with a deflated sense of worth, dieters look outside themselves for hope, and will commonly find promise in the next diet that they discover on message boards such as the biggest loser weight loss forum. It is the beginning of a roller coaster ride of adding pounds and dropping them that never seems to end.

It is fairly common for conversations to turn to these types of programs. It is something that many people feel they can have in common with each other. Refusing to participate can leave you feeling like an outcast. When the lure of the next fad diet comes into play, keep yourself on the right track by remembering the following key points.
Fad diets do not work. Recognize the marketing schemes and tactics used to draw you into the fantasy and understand that you will not automatically have a gorgeous partner at your side, live in a beach house adjacent to the deep blue sea, or have people tripping over them selves to make you happy, simply by trying to lose weight fasting.

Recognize the unreasonable claims often associated with fad diets. When you do not eat enough, your appetite is not satisfied. At some point you will have to resume a regular diet instead of the program, and if you are not careful whatever fat you did get rid of will come back. Weight loss is never completely effortless; it takes time to plan healthy meals, grocery shop, exercise, and focus on internal cues and losing more than a couple pounds a week is never healthy, even though marketers often tie in health claims with their product or tell you that it can be done by following their six pack ab exercise program for five minutes a day.

It is not healthy for a person to experience rapid loss of fat and then have it return in a short while. Eventually it leads to decreased metabolism, weight gain, frustration, negative body image and self-esteem, cravings and binges, and distrust in your innate ability to monitor food intake. These restrictive plans teach a person that it is okay to binge and purge in order to get you weight where you want to while still enjoying anything that you like when you want it.

A person needs to like them selves before they try to get fit and trim. A person can feel good about them selves when they stop worrying about how they look and concentrate on how they feel. A plan lie the ones that are sold will only work on what a person looks like on the outside and not how they feel on the inside. Fad diets will tell you that the way you look is the most important factor in how you live your life and how you are judged by others.

Have faith that slow and steady is the right way to go. The most effective and healthy way to long term weight loss and maintenance is through lifestyle changes in dietary intake and exercise. Anyone who follows one of these restrictive plans without developing good habits along the way will not be able to maintain any of the weight that they manage to lose in the short run.

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