Cut Down Smoking With The E-Cig

Posted on April 8, 2011
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Unfortunately for many, quitting smoking can be a long, hard battle and for lots of long-term smokers, 100s, sometimes 1000s of dollars can be spent on ‘quit smoking’ techniques which for many can be a wasted investment.

Chewing nicotine gum is said to be effective, then again only provides smokers a quick hit of nicotine and they could soon be wanting more. Nicotine patches are another choice and are far more effective, however can be expensive to purchase and outside of many individuals price range.

Both acupuncture and hypnotherapy could also be used and although a course of treatments will be needed which can be timely both approaches tend to be effective.

The fresh new method, that is proving to be both popular and very effective is the ‘smokeless cigarette, or as it’s otherwise known as the ‘e-cigarette’. Created to appear and feel like a cigarette, these cigarettes not just enable smokers to have something in their hand, which is just as much a habit as smoking itself, but also lets them breathe in a water type vapour which comes in a range of flavours, such as strawberry, raspberry and nicotine flavoured if favored.

Having the capacity to actually ‘pull’ on the ecigarette, smokers breathe out a kind of ‘smoke’, which effectively helps them stop smoking over a short length of time. The habit of holding something in your hand can also become a habit and lots of individuals tend to reach for a cigarette just to feel more at ease. The advantage of the e-cig is you not just feel like you are actually holding a real cigarette but also smoking a real cigarette too.

The electronic cigarette is an effective creation, and particularly for long-term smokers, is proving an extremely effective way to decrease, or completely eliminate smoking once and for all.

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