Posted on April 11, 2011
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The initial thought of someone being cremated is an off putting image, but it is not as gruesome as some may think. Although a burial funeral is a traditional event in various cultures, the numbers of people that get cremated have risen in the past few years, this is probably due to the fact that Toronto cremation is a cheaper and quicker process. Being cremated is also an advantage for nature as there is a plot of land more of natural earth, at the end of the day not everyone in the world could be buried.
A cremation can cost up to half the price of a standard burial funeral and is a less stressful event to plan as there is no need of purchasing things like casket’s or headstones. The Toronto cremation ceremony is a quicker process as normally there are only two services, the memorial service, where family members and close friends can view the dead body for the last time before the final proceedings, the other obvious service provided is the cremation process where the deceased body is carefully washed and dressed in the chosen outfit and jewellery, then the body is cindered down to ashes inside a smell and fume proof furnace. The required temperature is between seventeen thousand to two thousands degrees Fahrenheit, and it can take up to four hours for the cremation process to finish.
When the cremation process is over, the remaining little bone fragments are then crushed down to a fine dust and mixed with the ashes, otherwise known as ‘remains’. These are then collected and stored in an urn for safekeeping. A traditional urn is a cylinder container much similar to a vase and can be made out of various materials such as wood, china or steel, though a quick search on the internet may result in finding a more prettier and more modern piece.

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