Choosing Proper Cremation Services

Posted on November 22, 2010
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Reading this, you are no doubt either mourning for a loved one, or thinking about the fragility of human life. Either way, you are not in a happy state. However, you are here based on what the title says, and that means you are thinking of getting cremation services done rather than a traditional burial. So let’s get on with it shall we?

First things first, what is a cremation? Basically, it is when the remains of the dead are burned at extreme temperatures as to render the body into ash without any solid residue left. The ash is then either placed in an urn or scattered in a pre-determined place or whatever the deceased wish to be done with it. Some would want it placed in lockets so their loved ones can wear his remains close to their hearts, while some may opt to have the ash scattered at sea or in a place where the deceased used to frequent. The possibilities are endless and this is one of the advantages of getting a cremation rather than a burial. melbourne funeral services for one, do everything you wish.

Another advantage is that people say it is much more safer and cleaner for everyone involved. What do I mean? Well, as bodies decay, they emit gases that are toxic and can also release viruses that can lead to diseases. And if a body isn’t buried properly, this can pose a problem. Imagine, a person dies of a highly contagious and toxic disease. If the body were to prepared for burial and buried, imagine the chances of the virus and disease spread to others? It is in these situations that the body be cremated right away lest it cause a pandemic. This is one example why it is safer for everyone to just cremate.

Another thing that may seem trivial to some, but is actually a cause for concern is space issues. The world is over populated with billions of people walking on earth. If they were to be buried, where do we put them? Cemeteries are now filling up quickly and the empty lots still available can cost a small fortune. Having a solid funeral plan can help in this regard, but the issue of space needs to addressed still. With a cremation, one can easily agree that the ashes of a body is much more easier to store and takes up significantly less space than an intact body right? Whether in an urn or scattered ashes take up less space.

There are numerous advantages that have gone unmentioned here, but of course, it goes without saying that there are disadvantages as well. Each have their own pluses and minuses but that can be discussed in a different article. If you want to learn more about the pros and cons of cremation services versus traditional burials, you can ask the various funeral services in your area for more information. If there’s not one near you, a simple call to others will do just fine. In the end, it all boils down to personal preference, religious practices and many more. But if the departed has their own plans, it is best we respect it.

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