Choosing A Way To Cleanse Your Body

Posted on September 1, 2010
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Each person is very different in the way they look and how they live their life. Because of the varied nature of people, the way they lose weight varies too. One of the things that is recommend is doing a detox, to get the process started.

Decide what kind of detox you are looking to do and since there are a myriad of detox diets to choose from so a person should look at three main things to consider when selecting a detox that is right for you: 1. duration 2. materials or products involved and 3. level of effort.
How long you plan to detox is number 1. The choices of how long are numerous and they can last for 24 hours or they can last for several weeks. It is better to choose something that is shorter if you have not tried one of these plans in the past. Pick a plan that is reasonable for your life and one that you will not give up on. If you think you can do more, then great, select a detox that is longer.
The second one is the materials or products required. A detox diet can be complicated and expensive if it requires you to purchase herbs, specific supplements or other materials and some people get turned off by something extremely complicated, so they can look for a detox that allows me to purchase the minimal amount of products which usually involve just food.
A person has to make sure that they can fit a detox into their daily schedule. Make sure that you have the room in your schedule to do what is needed for a detox program to work. Will it fit into your schedule? You should not try to use a detox that interferes with a vacation or some other reason that you are not home. Detox programs work the best when a routine can be followed and this is not easy if you are traveling.
After considering everything else, it is time to pick a cleansing system. Taking into consideration all of the things that have been mentioned, you should have an idea of what the right choice for you is. There is no shortage of programs available either in books or using the web. An easy, 2-day detox to consider is juice fasting which means that for two days, you are consuming nothing but fresh juice, but it is important to keep in mind that the juice should be mostly green, made from veggies and not fruit juice although you may use a little green apple to sweeten up a vegetable juice, but stay away from other fruits and you can add lemon juice to help detox your liver while doing this which will help you lose fat naturally. If a person wants to do more than they can try a seven day plant that involves having fruit when you first wake up. After the fruit you eat some whole grain after a half an hour. You can use a touch of fruit juice for sweetening or a pat of butter. For your other two meals during the day, eat vegetables that have been cooked using steam. This is an easy detox to do, especially during the colder months when we usually don’t want cold, raw salads. A person could also choose to follow a detox that can be difficult. To do this you would have to commit to10 days on a liquid diet. Some people might find this too radical.
Is there something in place for you to follow once you have followed one of these programs. If you lost some weight on your detox, you should be careful about your expectations after you come off of the detox. If you do not want to start a rollercoaster ride of shedding the fat and then putting it back on, you have to start following a healthy eating plan. To maintain your weight loss and to increase it, you need to make some lifestyle modifications that include better nutrition and exercise. It is possible to use a cleansing system as a way to jump start a better lifestyle.

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