Children Are Not Going Outside To Play As Much

Posted on November 20, 2010
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Video games are changing. People are no longer enthralled by the violent shoot-em up games but are now turning to systems like the Nintendo Wii and the xbox 360 kinect for games that test their fitness and agility and make them move around while they play instead of sitting back and relaxing on the sofa like game systems used to do.
Research has shown young Americans do not necessarily play the same types of games. There is usually a genre that will interest most of the people. It does not matter what sex a person is to know if they like playing. Video games also involve multiple players. Rather than playing the game by themselves, kids se video games to interact with each other. When friends cannot be found nearby, the gamer can go on line. Gamers are social people. They communicate just as much. There is as much interaction playing games as there is in more traditional ways.
Studies keep turning up new information. Ninety-seven percent of young respondents play video games and the excitement that is generated by a manufacturer announcing the next xbox 360 kinect release date or the next version of a popular game shows how widely popular the gaming industry has become. Kids play often.
Different kids choose different genres to keep them happy just like they do with other parts of their life. Games now seem to be made for every type of person. A person can find something for a person no matter how old they are. If it is a hobby that can be enjoyed, there is a game for it.
Some people fear that a child who plays video games will end up living like a hermit. {t has been found that those who spent the most time playing video games were not any less likely to be involved in their communities, and in fact it has been found that that those who played games in face-to-face social settings were more likely to say they were committed to civic participation which did not mean going to the electronics store to find out the xbox 360 kinect price before it is released to the general public.
It has been speculated that the ties that gamers make with real-life local friends stimulates civic engagement. Gaming is the reason to get together. And the gamers talk about other things. When someone is talking about gaming systems they need to consider the good side and the good things that they do as well as the bad things about them.
Many parents worry about what game their kids play, but there is something else that should concern them. Parents need to learn more about the video games their children play. There is a growing group of adults who also find the time to sit down and play games with the younger generation at least on occasion. The difference is the parents today were more likely to have played these types of games when they were young. Because they grew up with it, the parents of today see nothing wrong with having these things in their home. But parents still want kids to be moving around when they play.
The key to getting kids moving is the way that the platforms are now being designed. The platforms are no as sedentary as they used to be. Children still need to get outside and run around. For some kids though it is all they get. Keeping their body healthy and grades up is far more important than any game. That does not mean you have to live without them, because kids like them.

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