Career Choices As An IT Administrator Your Entrance Into Careers In ICT

Posted on September 13, 2010
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A lot of people these days use computers on more or less as daily basis. Whether it is to do work, play games or catch up on social network sites, IT is an essential part to pretty much everyone’s lives. IT is in your home, your school and your office, with it being found in so many places, there ought to be people in charge of maintaining the systems. In workplaces and schools, it is not uncommon to find IT administrators, people whose Careers consist of sustaining the computers and networks in the building. If you have an interest in IT then becoming an administrator is the perfect starting point. These Career Choices are reasonably common too as you can imagine, as said, more or less every business now has computer networks and require someone to look after it all.

To get the general idea of these Career Choices, we are going to be focussing on IT administration inside a school, as normally these are excellent starting points for these kind of Careers. There are numerous responsibilities in these Careers, but as you have likely noticed the core duty is to setup and maintain the IT equipment. If anything fails you would have to look into it and take the required action, occasionally you may have to replace parts or reinstall software. Often you’d be answering any questions the other members of staff have, supporting them with any IT troubles. No doubt as time goes on technology moves forward too, so it’s essential that you keep the systems up to date, installing any new software and making certain the security is strong.

In a school environment you might be tasked with a sort of security role too. The children of course need supervision while using the computers, but a teacher can’t always see all of the monitors to know what is going on. As an IT administrator you will have access to remote desktop control and viewing, to make certain that nobody is using the PCs for non-work related intent. It’s also essential to keep the web filters up to date, non-work related websites have to be restricted access, not just to maintain productivity, but to also protect the children from the countless adult or sensitive subjects present on the internet.

As stated earlier, these New Careers give a great starting point for any IT career. Usually the requirements for the role are quite low and so can make them less difficult to acquire. It’s a good idea to remain in a position like this for a while to build your understanding and then you can choose to move into something bigger. Of course if you wanted you might just stay in the job too, it’s not a requirement to look for New Careers, after all if you are pleased with the job then keep at it. On the other hand if you are looking to continue your development then these Careers will offer a fine way of learning new things and help you get familiar with working with large networks. If you’re interested in getting one of these Career Choices then try posting CV’s and covering letters to different schools and small offices, there’s sure to be something open.

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