Can The Thyroid Be Behind My Weight Gain

Posted on March 19, 2011
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There are a variety of things that can lead to someone adding or losing pounds that do not have to do with the food they eat. It might help a person to know that the real cause is something called thyroidism. The person will hear the physician say that it is a treatable condition and with the proper medication you will get the body you want back.
But for some people, the treatment does not change their problem with weight and even though it might be able to resolve some of the other symptoms of low thyroid condition, a person will still continue to be unhappy with their body shape and will wonder what else is behind the pounds that they have packed on if it is not due to a thyroid problem.
People will try to adjust their medications. More attention will be paid to the diet. The struggles with weight still seem to continue. The trouble that a person is having with their body shape might be about more than the issue of thyroidism.
A Person who is dealing with the medical condition should be aware that there are other things going on in their body that might be behind their issues. It is not uncommon of a person who has thyroidism to also have weight issues. There are other reasons that your body can not burn calories that are part of the thyroidism but affect the body separately.
In order to control their weight a person needs to work in conjunction with their physician. They need to do more tests to determine how the hormones from the thyroid and the hormones from other glands are interacting with each other. Looking at the whole body is one way to determine the root of the problem. A key part of getting to a healthy weight and then maintaining the healthy weight is to know how all of the body is working and not to focus on only one part. In order to stay in shape a person must think about how everything effects their body shape and come up with a treatment that takes this into account.
The key for a person who has this medical condition is to remember that they have to think holistically rather than just at the one problem. You can not solve the problem of thyroidism if you ignore the other problems it may cause. It is not a simple process of taking some low thyroid diet pills, but is rather a vigilant effort that entails the medicine along with a proper diet and exercise regimen that needs to be constantly reevaluated for a person to keep their health at the highest possible level.

Thyroidism makes it difficult for a person to keep their weight under control. There are things a person can do to control their weight. The key is to do the right things. Another key is to realize that not everything is within your control. People can help themselves by using a diary. A person can use a journal to track many different things. Putting down the numbers a person sees on the scale is one way to use a journal. A journal is a place to write down the amount of time spent exercising. A person can also put what they want to achieve on papper. And they can also write down their feelings. Having an outlet will allow a person to deal with all of the thoughts that can sometimes interfere with their body shape.

Losing weight requires both a physical and mental effort. Because of a thyroid problem, the physical part can be more difficult. A person needs to do anything they can to control the mental part of weight loss. This will help them to understand what is going on in their body.

People with a thyroid problem might struggle with their weight. It is not a condition that can not be resolved. The process can be difficult. If a person can find the dedication they will be able to succeed.

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