Can Kids Get Healthy With Videos Games

Posted on November 12, 2010
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Many kids love interactive video games that involve movement. The systems are high on many people’s Christmas wish list. But can these games help kids lose weight and get fit? How do they compare with real sports? New generations of active computer game systems like the xbox 360 kinect stimulate greater energy expenditure than sedentary games, but they are no substitute for playing real sports, yet the younger generation seems to be turning to them more and more every day.
Can these games keep kids fit? The question is not answered in the same way for everyone. Nearly one quarter of our kids time that they are awake is spent in front of the TV. When watching television the amount of physical activity is minimal. To stay fit, youngsters must find someway to get themselves moving for at least 60 minutes during their day. If the only way a parent can get their children doing the needed physical activity is through a video game, than that is a benefit. Kids who play these games are burning calories. {However, they’re better off going out and playing real sports instead of jumping in front of a TV screen.|It would be better if a child is able to get outside and play instead of depending on these video games.|Children should still get on their bicycles and ride around the neighborhood when they can as this is always a better choice for exercising.
Researchers say energy used during interactive games was much lower than during the real sports, such as bowling, tennis and boxing and have found that using something like the Wii system or the new Microsoft kinect system was not intense enough. They feel that they do not really make a difference toward achieving the daily recommended amount of physical activity for children.
What is the real difference between real exercises and using one of these gaming systems? Kids who played an interactive boxing game for an hour used 175 calories, but if they participated in a real boxing program, they burned more than twice that amount, 384 calories, in an hour. So there is a difference. But if a person is to choose between doing nothing and playing a video game they will get a lot more return on the investment they made for the xbox 360 kinect price when they turn on the television and get up off the sofa to interact with it.
Research has proven that kids can get themselves fit by using these gaming systems. There have been a lot of stories that have looked at the effects interactive video games have on kids’ weight. The results have been pretty impressive. Because of the motion that is required for many of these interactive platforms, children will use double the amount of energy. The facts are well documented. Kids can lose weight using these games. Most of the time they do not realize that they are exercising. The enjoyment overshadows the exercise that they are doing.
Playing on these platforms does not have to be a solo adventure. Most of the systems are designed for multi player types of games. For some of the games, kids can play with friends in other homes when they are linked through the internet. You do not have to play video games alone.
How can parents make sure their children are getting the exercise they need? Get them off the couch. When the weather is bad or it is too dark, one solution is these new gaming systems. It’s better than sitting. Playing video games should only be one part of a child’s fitness, they still need to do other types of activities that get them moving. Video gaming can not replace the need for a kid to run around outdoors.

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