Can A Detox Diet Really Help

Posted on November 17, 2010
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The idea of detoxifying is being considered by a lot of people. Some believe that they have healthy benefits. They are concerned with keeping their bodies clean. A detox diet, detoxification for short, is designed to cleanse the body of toxins and other harmful substances. which it does by transforming toxins so they can be removed from the body during urination or bowel movements or by other methods that excrete waste from their bodies.
Our surrounding environment is full of chemicals that can have negative effects on our bodies and these chemicals find their way inside of us on a continual basis. Getting rid of these unwanted chemicals can happen in a number of methods. A person can find a detox plan that fits their lifestyle.
Most of the cleansing systems are not long lasting. You will not be following one of these programs as a regular habit. Although most agree that it must be followed for more than a week in order to be effective.
Many detox diets requires that you eat organic food, which reduces the amount of pesticides you eat and they often recommend that the foods you eat also be high in vitamins and minerals that are believed to aid detoxification. Diets that use flavored water and lots of fiber are normal. By eating this way someone is able to get rid of the toxins through their waste products. {This is how the detox diet removes harmful substances from your body.|When the waste products are removed from the body, the unwanted chemicals go with it.|Poisons that are in the body are flushed away naturally through this method.
Although the detox diet is more popular than ever, some healthcare professionals say they do not work. They claim that a short term detox diet really doesn’t clean your body of toxins. If a program was to do what it says it does, a person will have to commit to following it for an extended period of time instead of a few days. The negative studies does not seem to stop some people from turning to these diets and raving about the effects that they feel.
Detox diet supporters say there are many benefits to following a detox diet that can include improved concentration and mental clarity following a detox diet, and there have also been claims of clear skin and improved energy along with the idea that a person will be able to lose fat naturally, but there are also side effects.
First of all, you really shouldn’t try a detox diet without consulting a doctor. Pregnant or nursing women are advised to stay away from any type of detox diet.
It is not easy to use one of these cleansing systems. Not only does it require drastic changes in your eating habits, but the body sometimes reacts negatively. Most people who try a detox diet report having headaches for the first couple of days. This may or may not be caused by caffeine withdrawal. Frequent trips to the bathroom is something else that people will experience. Many cleansing systems do not give a person enough nutrients and if a person is on one for too long this can be detrimental to their body.
For anyone who thinks that a cleansing system is for them, they should make sure that their body is up to the task. A healthcare professional should get involved if your body reacts in a very negative way. For everyday aches and pains that occur while detoxing a person should try to keep going. It does take a little time for your body to adjust to a new routine. Sticking with a program will be good for a person over the long haul.

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