Begin Your Year By Getting Healthier

Posted on December 4, 2010
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Health for the New Year

After the holidays it is very common for a person to want to fix what they have done to their body. They start out by finding a program that they saw on a late night infomercial that promises to show them how to lose weight fast without exercise and pills but lose momentum within a week or two and by February that New Year’s Resolution is a thing of the past, but for me I am going to try something different this year. It is time for me to learn how to make the right choices every day instead of for a short time.

I am going to do the things that are better for my health. While that does include losing weight, it includes so many other things as well which will lead to my success. It is not going to be all about shedding a few pounds, but instead will be about making the right choices.

I will need to do some things different in order to accomplish my goal.

1. A fad diet is not going to work for me, Using a plan that shows you how to lose weight at home in a week is not a permanent lifestyle solution, leading you to think of it as a short term event, so instead, I plan to try to make healthy food choices most days of the week and have one day where I can splurge and eat whatever I want. I believe that this method is the best way for me to actually accomplish what I want to do. Cheating on a diet plan is common and most people will indulge in something that they should not when given the opportunity. Despite the challenge, it is possible to achieve your goal. If you have a plan that includes some treats, it makes your plan that much easier to stick with.

2. I will not let the scale be my judge. The object of this plan is to make many improvements in your health that can’t be seen on the outside. You might notice that you can fit into your jeans better. A person may have a desire to shed all of the weight in the first week but this is okay if it does not happen. Eventually your commitment will pay off as your body will get more fit and trim.

3. Set up a support system. Friends or coworkers might be a great place for you to turn. There are other ways for people to find support and that does not mean finding a DVD with a plan on how to lose weight fast without exercise, but rather the support of real people either through a community weight loss group or you can also join online support groups to get the support that you need.

4. Track your progress. Keep a log on your computer or in a special book. Set up a section to chart your progress. It is always fun to see the graph going down. To help keep your workouts more interesting, design them to point towards a specific goal. The diary can also be used to chart how often you work out and what kind of work out you do. Dedicate a section of your log to the way that your lifestyle is affecting your mood. It is a great way to let out the feelings that are occurring because of the changes that you are making in your life.

5. Set up a reward system. It might not be a good idea to celebrate by having an unhealthy feast, but there are other options. A person can treat themselves to a day at the spa or the movies when they have reached a new dress or jean size. It is okay to enjoy what you have accomplished.

If I use these sensible guidelines than I can achieve their New Year’s resolution. I will get healthier. I will enjoy looking in the mirror. And when the next new year rolls around, I can concentrate on something else.

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