Avoid the Snacks

Posted on June 4, 2010
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When a person is trying to lose weight or keep the weight off they have to consider how they will react to the urge to snack. When someone is trying to diet, they can still succeed even if they don’t follow their diet religiously at all times. But, if you make a habit of giving in to your eating impulses, your moments of weakness will certainly catch up with you. There are a couple of easy things for someone to do to help them deny these urges. Weight loss programs such as the one at six pack ab exercise program can produce tremendous results, but any program can be quickly derailed if a person does not exhibit any type of self control when faced with the desire to eat something.
Wait for it to pass. Believe it or not, you can simply wait out a craving. By saying no to yourself, you can avoid mistaking a urge to eat something for a need to eat something and simply waiting it out might solve the issue. It is possible that after a few minutes pass, you may still feel the need for food and this could mean that you are truly hungry. It could be that as time passes you realize that you don’t need to satisfy the urge at all. Get your mind on something else, take a walk, write in your journal, play a game or go online to the $LINK2% and see how other people are avoiding giving in to their cravings. You may be pleasantly surprised to find time has passed and the craving has subsided.
Get a drink. Fill up on a cold galss of water. You may find that drinking water satisfies your craving in and of itself. Sometimes we can mistake dehydration for food cravings or real hunger. Your body is telling you that you need something, and you assume it’s food, but before you reach for food sip some water. It may be just what you need.
Cheat some, but not too much. When you act on your urges, you are living in the moment. By acting without thinking about it, a person will have given up control If you cannot resist the temptation to snack, you will have a hard time knowing when to stop. Don’t give in to the craving without thinking about it. Remember why you need to avoid the food in the first place. When you can no longer deny the urge, make sure you impose some limits on yourself. A person should not have to empty out all of the food in the fridge to satisfy their urges. Take some out of the bag and put it into a small bowl to control the portion size. Better still, purchase small portions to begin with. You will probably find that the first few bites actually do away with the craving anyway. If more food is not already in your hands, you probably may not go back for more. Don’t forget that you cheated a little when you exercise later and extend the length of your http://www.fatlossfactor.com to make up for the extra calories that you took in. Not only will you burn the extra calories, but it might help you avoid extra snacks the next time you have the chance.
Don’t lie about your urges. Try to make the right choice for yourself. Don’t try to fool yourself into believing that your diet snack is as good as a piece of cake. Instead of trying to lie to yourself, make sure that you consider the consequences of giving into your urge. Allow yourself to indulge in what you really want and you will not feel deprived. If you hate the way that you have to eat to get healthy, then at some point you will have a temptation that you can’t resist and will have a tendency to eat more of the treat than you should because you think you deserve it. Cravings can ruin any weight loss program, but they don’t have to if you don’t let them.

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