Are The New Video Games Healthy

Posted on November 11, 2010
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Gaming systems have changed considerably over the past forty years. The games are now interactive and the platforms they use are actually mini computers that are quite powerful.
The concern that people have is the negative effects that can occur if a child is not as active because of the time spent playing games. Is there too much time taking away from the children’s schoolwork due to the gaming? These are important issues. Many young people spend many hours each week playing these games.
Some games can become a substitute for real life, and because of the new systems like the xbox 360 kinect players can become immersed in the experience of living in an imaginary world and move their bodies while the characters on the screen move with them. Some things should be understood about the problems that too much gaming can caused.
Kids grades suffer if they are spending all of their free time using a gaming system and neglect their homework and other studies. Computer games may also be linked to obesity. Even when using one of the platforms that are motion based, a child will need more physical activity. For some children, too much video game playing means that they do not get enough rest on a regular basis. For some children there is a win at any cost belief that leads them to being dishonest about their gaming. For some, these problems mean that playing a video game is no longer fun.
Playing video games can be like a drug for some. Young gamers have shown similar symptoms to people who have drug or alcohol dependence; an inability to stop playing, and withdrawal symptoms like anxiety and agitation, if they go without access to their gaming fix and this has been fueled by the manufacturers who hype the games or promise a spectacular event for the xbox 360 kinect release date.
Gamers also report that they play games to escape things like family or personal problems. Just like other addictions, it is hard for someone to find safer ways to deal with normal life issues.
Video gaming has caused some physical harm to its users. You can develop problems from playing games or sitting at the computer too long. The repetitive movements can cause a lot of problems especially with the hand and arm muscles. If you have pain that won’t go away, you should see your doctor.
There is a positive side to video games and a reason to go looking for a deal to get the best possible xbox 360 kinect price that you can find, and while it is important to be aware of the dangers, it is also just as important to remember why people enjoy playing the games so much.

Many people like playing them.
People who pay video games have been known to have better hand and eye coordination.
Research has shown that a person will be able to see better if they play the video games.
New motion games will get people off the sofa and get moving, and some movement is better than nothing.
For some kids who are not able to compete in sports, they succeed with video games and feel better about themselves.
In order to do well at the games, a person must exercise their mind to play.
Not all games are played alone, and kids are interacting with other kids while playing the games.
Gaming systems are now connected to the internet and that means that people are getting to play with people in other countries and are learning about other parts of the world.
Educational games are a fun way to learn.
Kids can use some of the skills that they are learning later in their life.
Learn to have fun with video games. But do not forget to get outside for some regular exercise.

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