Are Kids Obsessed With Gaming

Posted on January 28, 2011
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How much gaming is too much? Kids love to play video games. Is there a point where the adult needs to say that their child is playing the games too much? There should not be any one thing in a youngsters life that dominates what they do. The adults must have some say in how much a child does of any activity.

There is no doubt that playing games is a fun thing to do and it does not matter if a child has a Playstation, a Nintendo Wii, or the xbox 360 kinect, the lure of these games is something that draws them in and allows them to immerse themselves in different worlds for hours on end if we allow them to do that. The key is to set proper limits on their game play. The amount of time a child spends on any one thing should be monitored to ensure that they are able to find a balance in their life.

Finding a balance of all the things is their life is something that all kids must be taught. For most kids this means their education must come first. Kids also need to get exercise on a daily basis. Kids also have to learn how to deal with other people in the right way. Doing things as a community is something that kids must learn. Gaming has changed throughout the years and can help a person learn social, educational and physical skills in today’s world. Children will learn some skills through gaming and they will learn the rest the old fashioned way.

When the Nintendo Wii came on the scene it was able to get a person up and moving while they played video games and with the recent xbox 360 kinect release date, and the introduction of the Playstation Move, the idea of getting physical activity while you play a video game is even more possible. Rather than pushing buttons while sitting on the sofa a gamer uses his body to create the action on the screen. The intensity of the exercise might not be as good as traditional exercise, but it is something. Any exercise that a young person can get is better than no activity at all.

Game systems are also able to connect through the internet. This allows kids to play with their friends even when they are in different homes. This capability lets a person find an opponent even if they are stuck at home alone. There are games that allow a person to communicate with the person that they are playing. This helps with the social aspect of gaming. Kids are no longer left alone in a dark room to play. Instead they can compete against their friends. There are also ways to play cooperatively with others. These are important tools for a child to understand.

There are many titles that put people in real life situations. This has allowed many of them to become educational. A child can learn things through the game they are playing. Games that are based on historical facts will teach some lessons. The right games can help children enhance other activities that they do in their everyday life. They will be using their brain without realizing it. Every kid will benefit from this.

Parents should let their kids play games for a few good reasons. It is something that helps their brain and can build muscles. They should not overdo the gaming. Our bodies rarely like anything in excess. Gaming is no exception. That is the lesson about gaming that the parents must learn to help their kids.

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