Are Gamers Fitness Fanatics

Posted on February 28, 2011
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It is nothing new for people to use video to help teach them how to exercise. Fitness has entered a new video realm with the introduction of video game systems that help people. The choices of game titles is very large and the new type of gaming systems has people getting up off the couch to work out with the game. Some of the motion gaming titles are designed to give a person a great work out. Celebrities are endorsing many of these titles. There are many other games that also help get a person up and moving without necessarily being called fitness games.
Before motion gaming was introduced the idea of using a video game as a way to get fit did not attract many people because it did not make sense. Manufacturers looked at a very narrow market and aimed the games at those who were already looking for a way to exercise while they played the games. Now the way that people are playing the new systems, physical activity is a part of the game. Originally people only had the Nintendo Wii for motion gaming, but now Xbox has added their kinect and there is also the Playstation Move, and all of these use some type of control that allows a person’s movements to be tracked and that motion is then shown on the screen as the player becomes an interactive participant in the game.
The new consoles work by having a camera or something similar to that is placed on somewhere around the TV. As a person moves around in front of the screen, the moves are translated into actions in the game. When someone plays these games they are getting exercise. People are able to do a wide variety of activities within the comfort of their own home. Games of the past created a couch potato type of atmosphere. A player is actually playing the game. It is not always the same as doing the actual activity might be, but it is better than doing nothing. In the end to stay fit a person has to get moving no matter how they do it. A person’s body will always be healthier if a person is moving.
People who are playing these new types of games are definitely doing something right for themselves. There are a lot of people who are dealing with weight issues. Fitness game s can be an effective tool some. Getting fit while playing a game is something that can excite the user. When people find an activity they enjoy, they are more likely to do it. Playing games and exercising at the same time is definitely a good thing. There has not been a lot of research done to prove that these motion games will make a person more fit than someone who does not use them. But it is safe to say that anyone who gets regular physical activity will be healthier than someone who does not get any. Motion gaming may be changing the way we play games. And it has created a whole new group of people to play them.
Anyone can get started playing video games no matter if they are young or old because all they have to do is to go to the store and pick up one of the consoles or check out the internet and try to find out xbox 360 kinect, and then bring the system home, plug it into the television and begin moving around to find out how much fun the new style of motion gaming can be. The people who are playing these new consoles are more a part of mainstream society than they were before. It is now kind of cool to say that you have one of these gaming platforms.

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