An Overview Of The Job Of Postman, And What You Can Get From This Essential Career.

Posted on August 31, 2010
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To become a postman or woman may not look like one of the most interesting Careers ever, however there is rather a lot of potential for development which lots of people are oblivious to. I want to give some information on this career and what Careers people can branch into via this role, to assist individuals who are maybe hunting for New careers to move into. Hopefully it will give insight into a role which the majority of people probably would not contemplate as a New career choice, and help people understand there is much on offer by getting a job such as this.

As with the majority of New careers, as a postman you will be starting at the bottom and then advancing your way up through the business. There are a few different careers accessible to begin with, from sorting mail at a processing centre and allocating it to the right area, to physically venturing out and delivering letters by hand. Some roles you will do a combination of these jobs, and some roles work only in the sorting centres, and they do not have to go out and make deliveries at all. The number of hours you work depends on the type of job you take on – postal deliveries are early mornings, Monday through to Saturday, however working in one of the bigger depots or processing centres will more than likely ask that you work shifts, which can be a bit more flexible for some people. Most salaries for these jobs vary from £12,000 to about £16,000, however it can rise as high as £22,000 for inner London.

In order to become a postman you need to be physically fit – there is a lot of heavy lifting involved, both in the processing centres and out delivering. While out delivering you will be needed to work in all weathers, and generally you will walk around six to eight miles every day, so it can get quite tiring. Honesty is another extremely important aspect of becoming a postman – everyday you will handling all kinds of packages with all kinds of contents, from personal letters to expensive items. As such Royal Mail has an incredibly important reputation to maintain, so they will be looking for staff they can trust. Other helpful attributes are a good eye for detail, and the capacity to work well in a team or on your own, unsupervised.

Once you gather experience of working for a large business like this, you might want to start contemplating a New career path that will then allow you to advance your professional development. There are loads of New careers you might think about going into – just one of the benefits of working for a major business such as Royal Mail. Typically, the path of progression takes you to supervisory, then management roles. Once you are there, you have a massive amount of choice, as you could opt to go into something such as marketing and advertising, or human resources management, or logistics planning. There are loads of choices here for the devoted individual, as long as you show commitment and enthusiasm for your job you could do well in a major business such as this.

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