Adding Value To Property To Sell Quickly – Hiring Your Builder

Posted on December 20, 2010
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Are you thinking of selling your property quickly and perhaps adding value to your property? When hiring a builder, make sure you have a clear schedule of works?

Builders may seem the friendliest people when you invite them into your property to give you a quotation. You will shortly meet a different builder to the one you hired, once you have made up your mind. You will notice them swearing a lot. This is obviously not something you have paid to listen to either.

So here is a definitive guide to hiring your builder.

1. Ensure that your builder is a member of Federation of Master Builders (FMB). Check their accediations. If in doubt, call FMB and check their credentials. Enquire with FMB as to what are benefits to you as a customer of hiring a Federation of Master Builders member. What if they are about to go out of business?

2. Check their ID. Are they trying to be someone else? How far do they live from you? How do you know that for sure? Have you seen bills addressed to their personal address?

3. Create a detailed job list. No matter how small each job is. Make sure you get a separate quote per job. It is as simple as that. This is your project plan. Never ever change the plan because that is when problem will happen. So if you want a room to be painted blue just stick with the plan. Adding or removing tasks from plan will make it confusing for you.

4. Fixed price job is far better than paying daily. If you rely on time and materials then builders will take advantage of you and a job that normally takes a day to complete will probably take two days if not longer.

5. Get feedback from their previous customer. It goes without saying but check that people they have worked for are genuine customers and not their friends. Google up your builder. Has anybody tried to sue them in local country court? It is always worth checking who you are about to do business with.

Not everybody has time to hire a builder when looking to sell house quickly we can help you to sell house quickly. By simply following tried and tested technique we will show you a way to sell property quickly that will enable you to move on and sell property quickly.

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