A Perfect Plan to Make Your Ex Take Your Back!

Posted on July 15, 2010
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You have broken up with your partner, but you didn’t want to and now you want your ex back. You have endlessly begged and pleaded with them to take you back, but nothing? But before you fall deeper in a state of depression and hopelessness, you have to know that there is a way to get your ex back in your life. Even if you feel hurt and desperate right now, the game certainly is not over yet.

This is a very emotional stage for you right now, so thinking clearly isn’t what you are doing right now. At this stage you have one huge advantage. Have you guessed what this advantage could be? It is obvious, you know them very, very well. You have spent so much time with them you can tell exactly what makes them tick. So basically it would be much more difficult reuniting with this person if you knew nothing about them.

Discover these three facts which will help you to win your ex back.

1. Love Yourself.

Your self image has taken a huge blow, because your ex partner doesn’t want you anymore. But it is very important that you love yourself. If your ex has rejected you, then it is very likely that you won’t be feeling very good about yourself. This however is the perfect opportunity for you to rediscover who you are and better yourself.

Perhaps you could do one of the following: Be positive at all times. Have a deep look at yourself, perhaps there are some things you want to change. Get a new and fascinating hobby. After spending so much time with your ex, you haven’t spent so much time with your friends and family, so give them all a call. Get to know other people. Take some time off work and take a good holiday. Perhaps it is time for a new you, get a makeover.

So what happens is your ex will notice a difference and see another exciting and active person. But don’t fool yourself you must do this for you, not be fake and try to convince them that you have undergone a personality change.

2. Now You Have to Stop Contacting Them.

People more than often act more or less the same to certain situations. Thus you must certainly stop calling them and try to set up meetings with them. You might wonder why you should do this. It is natural of a person to always want something that seems out of reach. Thus they will start to wonder why you haven’t communicated and contacted them. The old feelings they had will pop up again.

Behavior in people is so predictable, your ex has the perception they can have you back in two seconds, but if you take away this perception they are left vulnerable. Right so this will most certainly put you in a winning position.

They will start wondering: Do they still want me? Are you with someone else? What is going on with him/her? Have they completely forgotten me? Now you see where this is going? They will be utterly confused and worried. They were confident that you would take them back any second but now the game has changed and they are left feeling unsure of themselves.

3. Be Cool and Calm.

The time will come when you see them again and this is where you have to come across as calm and content. They have to get the impression that you are content and happy with your life without them in it. Don’t take it too far by being impolite and rude to them. So now you have paved the road to meet up with them some time in future and have them exactly where you want them.

There they are three steps for you to get your ex back. Perhaps you don’t feel very confident and you need extra help on how to get your ex back, then make sure you visit us today so we can take you by the hand and help you.

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