A Natural Detox

Posted on October 6, 2010
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A healthy detox diet can have a very positive impact on your health, but if you’ve never done a body detox before, you should learn how to detox your body safely and in a healthy manner before you begin any kind of liver detox or other plans to clean the toxins out of your body.
A cleansing system will remove the unwanted chemicals that are stored in our bodies. The human body has a natural detox function through the liver, kidneys and lower gastrointestinal tract. The body detox process is exposed to so many toxins that this natural fight mechanism can wear down. A key to a person feeling good and staying fit and trim is to help their body to cleanse itself of the unwanted chemicals that are accumulating.
The air we breathe, the food we eat and many other things contribute to the buildup of poisons in us. Because of our need for convenience foods, we are exposed to even more chemicals. There is more need now to do something to enable our body to detox from the things that are occurring in our environment.
Research has indicated, even without the inevitable breakdown of our body detox functions, the human body is simply not capable of eliminating the variety of toxins and chemicals that are ingested on a daily basis and as these toxins accumulate in our cells they remain stored for an indefinite length of time bringing all kinds of eventual health problems as time goes by and do not allow a person to lose fat naturally.
It is possible for a person to cleanse their systems by altering what they are eating. The idea behind modifying your diet is to allow your body to remove the toxins faster than it would do by itself. In addition to diet modifications there are also medicines available that are useful in a detox.
Gaining the knowledge about what it takes to get the poisons out of them will allow a person to keep themselves from working inefficiently. There should be a greater chance of the patient staying clean if counseling and other rehabilitation efforts are continued following detoxification.
More people are aware of the use of detox diets in today’s world due to modern medicine’s link between colon health and overall health, and there is a belief that many common complaints like fatigue, gas, bloating, constipation, headaches, indigestion and weight gain are due in large part to a build up of toxin-filled fecal matter that builds in the colon over time.
Compare the functions of the colon in our bodies to a sewer system in a large city. When you do not keep the pipes clear, it does not just effect one person it affects everyone in the area. Eventually the problem that began with one small pipe will flow over into other areas and cause them to break down. It would not be a healthy environment. The contamination is unhealthy for all. In our bodies, just like a neighborhood, if one area stops functioning properly, eventually others will break down too. If a person can keep rid themselves of the toxins they will feel better overall. The rundown and unhealthy feeling occurs if someone does not find a way to get rid of the unwanted chemicals.
There is more documentation everyday that tells us about the negative effect of the unwanted chemicals that are being introduced into our systems and how it changes the way that we appear. This is especially true with belly fat and waist size. Therefore, learning how to detox with a healthy detox diet is a very important part of many weight loss programs.

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