A Definition Of Food Addiction

Posted on March 24, 2011
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Many people struggle with an unhealthy relationship with food. It is something that they are not able to do anything about. They do not wake up with the idea of eating certain foods. If a person is given the chance to eat something they have an urge for, they find it difficult to say no.
Addiction is a loaded word that unfortunately holds a negative connotation for many people but the truth is that overcoming food addictions is a complex problem for which there is no one reason for it and no simple solution, but no matter what it is called, the basic definition is the same, it is an unhealthy relationship with food and it is something that a person must dedicate themselves to overcoming if they want to live a long and healthy life.
This is not a problem that only affects weak, lazy people. Food addiction knows no barriers and will affect any one. What is behind a persons food cravings can be the result of many different things. The environment that a person grew up in will create a problem. No one has the desire to have these urges and to suffer from the consequences of it. Food addictions can develop over time, and are not always obvious in the early stages.
People with uncontrollable food urges have a difficult time making the right choices and constantly struggle with their choices. The addiction can be a symptom of a larger mental problem. It is one way that a person can hide their emotions. The types of food cravings and the manner in which the unhealthy eating occurs varies from person to person, and while some people drive through a fast food restaurant and eat in their car others will get up at night to eat when no one else will observe them and criticize their behavior and some people will hide food to sneak when the opportunity presents itself or will go on an eating binge by eating as much food as possible in a short period of time. Every individual is different.
In order for someone to fix what is wrong, they have too understand what is wrong. Until a person is aware of how they are struggling they will not take the steps they need to correct the issues. A common thread among sufferers is the idea that it is a problem that does not require any outside assistance for a person to get under control.
There is one main requirement that someone must meet if they want to get a healthy relationship with food. Understanding that the way they are living is unhealthy is the key. It is vital for a person to know they are not alone. People who have an unhealthy relationship with food can never forget about it. One of the reasons is the failure to recognize what is healthy and what is unhealthy. Rather than seeking help, they believe that it is a matter of will power.
Many people are struggling with food. It is something that might not be a big problem for a person to deal with. Part of the population has serious issues with the way they look at food. To correct the issue a person needs to seek out treatment. An unhealthy relationship with food can cause many problems. People can run into many physical problems if they are not controlling their weight. It is important for a person to find the proper balance of food in their lvies.

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