7 Tips To Getting Your Ex Back

Posted on August 6, 2010
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Discover Seven Tips That Are Sure To Get Your Ex Back

Are you having relationship issues at the moment?

You’re probably on this page because your ex left you and you want the relationship back to where it once was. It doesn’t really matter if it’s your boyfriend or girlfriend that left, you just want back those good times and hope for the future. It seems like life was so much better when you were with your ex doesn’t it? There are extremely rare cases but it is possible to get your ex back if you do it exactly right. Again you must know exactly what to do and what not to do and not only that you need to know exactly when to use these triggers.

Sometimes people only talk about winning my ex back But they need to learn the strategies and tips in order to do it.

All that is required is to know the things to avoid doing at all costs, the essential things you must do and when to do them. And bam you’re on the path to winning them back for good. We human beings are all alike. We have certain buttons that need to get pushed in order for us to react. Once you figure out how to pull those strings the right way (not too hard, not too often and not all the time) you can begin the process of building the relationship from the ground level again.

Let’s study some simple things that you must NEVER DO if you want any kind of life with your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend anytime soon.

You must not keep contacting your ex. It’s not healthy for your nor is it healthy for them nor for the potential of the relationship.

That means again no comments on facebook or myspace or electronic communication in any way. This will just drive your ex even farther away from you.

Don’t go into a state of depression.

Just know that people who are always down and out are not fun to be around. Become the type of person your ex would love to be around. Figure out what they need and be that for them. A depressed person is not fun to be around.

You have to stop telling others you can’t go out and stop the exuses.

Many people after breaking up become obsessed with staying home and ruminating on what went wrong. You need to get out and get social even if it’s hard and you have to fake like you’re having a good time.

If you love your ex I’m sure you want to win back my ex boyfriend and they don’t know how to do it right.

So now that we know what not to do after a breakup, let’s figure out what we should do to win back our ex.

Make sure to follow these 4 simple tips to getting your ex back right now!

Create more value in yourself and in your life.

The entire reasoning why they left you was because they failed to see any value in you or in your life. Start going somewhere in life. If you’re a guy one excellent way of showing value is very subtly (maybe being overlooked at a party) letting your ex know that other people value you.

You might want to consider keeping in touch with your ex.

Use extreme caution with this one because not only is it difficult to pull off right but it also must appear to be very natural and not like it was planned. By all means they must know that you are not making any effort to try to stay in contact with them. It must appear like it just happens by circumstance. By making it seem 100% natural that you keep in touch and since you’re not pushing the issue, it will seem like fate or God is the one working behind the scenes to them, making them wonder about the what if’s.

Lose some weight or gain some muscle.

On top of just being more healthy and fit, it also gives you just that much more of an edge when trying to get your ex back. People love to see other people become better in some way and why not let it be a way that makes them more attracted to you on a physical level? If you change your lifestyle, habits and looks, this is a great turn on. Go to the gym, lose some fat, add some muscle and get a cool wardrobe that in style. Believe me, your ex will take notice.

Your ex should be the one that wants to stay in touch.

If you do all the things we talked about you’ll feel and look more sexy and confident. If you’re in love with life and are happy and confident that alone will attract your ex back to you and keep them wondering. Make your ex be the one who comes to you. By making huge positive changes in your life because you’re happy and confident, your ex will 100% take notice and wonder why you’re so happy and enthrawled with life.

Getting back your ex is not brain surgery.

It’s my contention that getting your ex back is super easy if you play them the right way, like a puppet actually. Patience is key here. It’s absolutely critical. Perhaps a lack of patience was one of the things your ex didn’t like about you. By having patience your ex even notice that. A lot of times people just need a break and a breather in order to get their bearings back on life that’s all. Don’t forget, figure out what kind of person your ex needs in their life and be that person to them. By making them feel like they can conquer the world, they’ll want you on their side, thereby restoring your relationship.

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