5 Rules To Donning A Job Interview Suit

Posted on February 7, 2011
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It’s going to take lots of work to obtain a meeting with a decent company. Initially you’ll have to develop a good resume and jop application cover letter. Following that you need to find a few good companies which might be interested in your talent. Following this you need to apply for the position you are interested in, and all of this needs to be done just to get an interview so that you can get a chance at the job.

Should you be fortunate enough to acquire a job interview, you won’t want to squander the opportunity. You’re an experienced person at what you do so you know all about your talent, but i am not saying you’ll get chosen. You might lose your opportunity simply because the interviewer doesn’t like the way you look. Lay this concern to bed by mastering easy methods to correctly dress for a job interview.

In the following paragraphs I’m going to give you 5 great tricks to use to get your interview suit ready. Make use of the following tips properly and you will be sure to have a huge advantage over your inadequately clothed competitors.

Firstly, you must choose a suitable suit style to put on. Be practical and go with either an American style suit or a British style suit. Decide on a suit with either 2 or three buttons and you will not fail.

After this you will want to make sure youhave the buttons done up correctly. Don’t forget that the bottom button must never be buttoned, however all others should. This means that if you have three buttons, the top 2 should be buttoned and if you have 2 buttons, only the top one should be buttoned.

Following that, you will need to make certain that your sleeve lengths are at the correct length. Your suit sleeves should leave about a quarter to a half inch of your collared shirt showing. If you have more than a half inch showing, your suit sleeves are not long enough. However, if you have less than a quarter of an inch showing, your suit sleeves are too long.

After you have handled these problems, you might want to make sure the colours of your suit complement the colors of your footwear and belt. You will be sporting either a dark blue, charcoal gray, or black suit so you can’t go wrong with black footwear and a black belt.

Last but not least, make sure your suits trouser cuffs are appropriate. If you’re donning flat front pants, you shouldn’t have any cuffs. However, if your pants are pleated than you should most definitely have cuffs.

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