The Lotto Ticket That Frequently Wins

Posted on April 18, 2012
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Do you really believe that it is entirely possible to win the lotto? Can we really use a lotto system to secure the huge prizes? Most people find that you can’t. These people wrongly think that winning the lotto is simply pure luck. However, a 5-time winner disagrees!

If you have never won a prize in the lottery yet, it is quite possibly because you have approached the game all wrong thinking winning is a matter of pure chance. You could not be more wrong. The lottery is not just about luck it’s about probabilities!

The fact remains simple – since winning at the lottery isn’t just about good fortune but is also about probabilities, you can utilize some clever mathematics to boost the probability of you winning a prize!

Although you are probably like a lot of people, who don’t have time to analyze why this is the case or even how to use it to their advantage, you should realise that it was just a matter of time before somebody else developed a way to use mathematics to increase the chances of them winning the lottery to such an extent that winning becomes inevitable.

Well, a guy from the USA has created a winning lottery system and used it many times!

Just after Larry Blair, a mathematics professor, designed his lottery system he went on to win 5 times. However, his remarkable breakthrough also meant his life was in danger!

With his newly created mathematical formula for playing the lottery, Larry kept winning small and medium sized prizes. But, he kept perfecting the system.

Larry soon perfected his process. Although you may think it appears fantastic that he then proceeded to win the lottery a further three times, his new-found “luck” directed him to the attention of gangster types who wanted to kidnap him!

The gangster style kidnappers who had an interest in Larry were far from stupid. They did not want money. They did not want any of Larry’s expensive clothes, jewellery or cars. They wanted his lottery system!

By sheer luck Larry was able to get away from the two men who tried to kidnap him but not before getting shot in the leg!

Larry lives to tell the tale of his adventures in winning the lottery with the use of his very own lottery system. Larry discovered how to win the lottery and is prepared to share this secret without getting shot in the leg for it. Larry claims his five wins on the lottery all came about because he used his lottery system.

Most people claim that Larry is one of the luckiest men alive. In terms of his kidnap ordeal Larry tends to concur with popular opinion. In regards to winning the lottery however, Larry claims luck has absolutely nothing to do with it and that his system can promise a win.

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