Public Speaking Advice: How To Become A Successful Motivational Speaker

Posted on May 24, 2011
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Set an exact objective. If you don’t get what you need to achieve with your presentation, your audience definitely won’t understand either. Giving an excellent speech is not an objective in itself , its a way to an end, and this end is what you need your audience to do with the information given.

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Be quite exact, and Tell|say|State|spell out} your objective in only a sentence or 2. Print it out and place it on your computer screen. This should keep your preparation targeted & focused.

Get your audience’s problems, concerns & issues. To be persuasive & successful, talks have to be audience-centered. You have to see the issues of your audience because your objective is to provide them a fix. This requires extensive research about your audience.

Remember that the prime motivation for people to listen to you happens to be their feeling that your presentation will benefit them. What’s in it for me turns out to be the classic question of every audience.

Get there early to greet & meet. Personal contact and interpersonal skills are important for the success of every presentation, still they’re totally imperative if you attempt to persuade your audience to follow your opinion, agree with you on an issue, or buy the service you’re promoting. We usually go along with info from people we like, but disbelieve information from people we don’t like.
When you get there early, you could get to know members of the audience and let them get to know you as a human being. If needed, say names over the course of your presentation of audience members you have had the pleasure to meet prior to the presentation. Be certain to get your audience to join your iZigg 90210 mobile marketing list during your speech.

Rehearse solo using a flip camera or tape recorder. Once you complete the speech draft, practice solo using your tape-recorder or video-camera. You’ll be at your weakest in this 1st practice, hence the suggestion to have no one there whose suggestions could totally crush your confidence.

Go over to your presentation, look at the cadence & rhythm and make sure of your mastery of the topic. If videotaping, look at your mannerisms and body language, and coordinate your movements with your vocal inflection.

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