Motivational And Public Speaking Methods: How To Make A Massive Database Of Followers

Posted on May 23, 2011
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Ok for all of you public speakers reading here is a killer technique to create a list of people that are interested in what you have to say, fill your speeches with tons of loving fans & at the same time, make a lot of cash in the process. Are you sure you want to hear this tactic? Let’s get started….

First off you have to become a member of a mobile marketing system called iZigg 90120 Mobile Marketing. iZigg is a mobile marketing system which makes it possible for you to create a list of mobile phone numbers. You can then text message the whole list at any moment you desire simply by signing into your mobile dashboard. When you enroll in iZigg, you have to pick a keyword that is specific to you. Let’s just say you choose the keyword “B24”. You would then tell everyone in your audience & everyone you meet to text “B24” to your mobile #. The iZigg mobile # is “90210”. When someone texts the message “B24” to the # “90210” they will receive an instant message from you that you set up ahead of time & the texter would be added to your mobile list database. Over the course of a few weeks of promoting & Asking|getting} people to sign up to your mobile list, you may have a few hundred or more fans on your mobile list!

Imagine the possibilities. You can simply log into your iZigg mobile marketing account & send a text message to your whole mobile list at any moment you choose. Putting on a speech next month? Send a text message the evening prior to or the day of & it will be full. The average email is opened in 48 hours. The average text message is read within 4 minutes! Its instant marketing! As you are talking, all you have to do is say to your audience: “all of you pull out your phone & simply text “yourkeyword” to “90210”. Soon you’ll have a huge list & consequently a huge following!

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