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Posted on August 9, 2013
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After you’ve been working at the management level for a while, you will probably have begun to form distinct opinions when it comes to the characteristics that define an effective manager. As you have established your own management skills, you will have evaluated the qualities of your peers and, as they begin to appear in your orbit, those ahead of you.

What essential qualities enable business leaders to hold positions at the very top, where business tactics are formulated? What turns them into effective leaders, able to inspire the faith and support of the team they lead? And if you would like to be in their shoes, what exactly is it that you need to know?

On an Edexcel BTEC Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, your first task is to conduct a personal skills audit, examining your current skills and experience. This will enable you to put together a personal improvement strategy based around the skills and knowledge you need to develop to progress to a higher level.

You will continue to amend and update the strategy throughout the course, evaluating your study and how well it is targeting the targets you have established. This means you are the ‘master’ of your learning, and this is important for different reasons. First, you begin to see the necessity of the feedback procedure in the evaluation of performance. Next, you learn that up-to-date leadership is not just a matter of gut instinct. It needs a dedication to study: updating of information and feeding your newly-acquired insight into the decision making process. Finally, the focus on accepting the liability for your own personnel study program emphasises a vital reminder about life at the higher levels: it’s all up to you. After launching the reflective learning procedure, you will start to arm yourself with the plethora of skills needed in key strategic business areas. As the course unfolds, you will have a look at leadership patterns and how to implement and manage corporate change in a globalised market. You will examine the principles of HR Management and how to institute and adapt a marketing strategy in an energetic marketplace. You will learn about applying financial principles to drive strategic decision-making, and just how the concepts and techniques of quality management are used to provide continuous improvement.

Essentially, the Strategic Management and Leadership Diploma study course, which within the Qualification Credit Framework allows development to an MBA, supplies learners with an executive-level awareness in every major strategic part of commerce, and readies them for the transfer to senior sectors of management where game-changing decisions are agreed upon.

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