In What Way We Will Hear The Voice of God?

Posted on February 26, 2012
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How will I hear God’s voice? it’s something that anyone is curious. I know everyone of us wants to hear the voice of God. But, how? When can we hear God’s voice? And where can we possibly hear God’s voice? Quite some people knew they could hear God’s voice. Well, I do think they can be wrong because we can actually hear God deep within us. God is constantly along with us each and every time. He knows whatever we do every single day of our lives. This is why we have to live life with His divine guidance. Through prayers, everybody has chance to talk to God.

Daniel Ausbun said in the article, “Prayer is also essential to hearing God. In Daniel 10:12, an angel was sent from God and spoke, “Your prayers were heard. I have come because of your prayers.” Daniel’s prayer life brought an angel. David cried out to the Lord, and God answered in Psalm 120:1. We communicate to God through prayer. Communication implies we also hear from God, too. If you don’t have a prayer life, you’re missing God answering prayers and hearing Him.”

You see, it is very important to communicate with God through prayers. Most of our prayers include thanking God for the blessings he gave to us, asking forgiveness and offering everything we do each day. To pray is the only way to make all things possible to happen. Thus, God must stay inside our hearts for us to hear the voice of God.

People may hear God’s voice in our dreams. Sometimes our dreams signify what can be happening later in life. it’s God’s revelation for most of us. If you strongly believe God is speaking to you through your dreams, make those come true. Simply make it sure you are doing good things for yourself. D. Ausbun stated, “God also speaks to us through dreams. When the Holy Spirit came during Pentecost, Peter preached a sermon sharing during the last days God will pour out His Spirit and old men will dream dreams (Acts 2:17). Joseph had decided to divorce Mary but an angel appeared to him in a dream (Matthew 1:20).”

If you’re just open-minded to the reality that God is always with you, you can feel His presence in your soul. God is always there, guiding our lives. He’s there in everything we perceive here on earth. You can hear God’s voice through His creations, you dreams and through your prayers.

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