Do You Really Believe That God Exists?

Posted on March 1, 2012
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Do you believe in God’s existence? I am aware many of us believe that God exists. However, there are quite some of the people who do not believe in His existence. Why do you think so? Can be there reasons about why some of us do not believe that God exists?

Try to observe all of the people surrounding you. You can find pain, anger, depression, hatred, stress, illnesses, loss, grief, and so many more which have been happening on our lives. By knowing all of these things, we now have the idea why there are individuals who do not believe that God exists, right?

Now, make an effort to observe all that are happening in our society today. You see poverty, wars, corruption, crimes, etc., do you think you’ll be able to blame those individuals who don’t believe that God truly exists?

As human beings, we’re expected to not just feel happiness and contentment here on Earth. Although we’ve got the right to experience everything that God created for humanity. But, we’re all expected to go through pains and sufferings in life. God let us feel all these things for people to be responsible with our own life as well as for us to deeply understand our purpose here on Earth. Thus, it will depend on us on how we’re going to handle our problems in life. God just would like us to do something to aid us with our own problems. Thus, it will be the correct time for God to help us out. As what the saying goes, “God helps people that help themselves”.

But, take a look at what is happening to many of the people nowadays. Just about every one of us experience great pains and sufferings that we then question God if He’s truly existing. It appears as though God don’t exists for them because why will God allow them to feel all of these things within their lives. A lot of them feel it is unfair, because of what they’ve got experienced, there life became miserable.

Let me share an inspirational story about the evidence that God truly exists. This story is about a wonderful conversation of the barber and the customer. Visit this webpage And become inspired with this story.

Now, I assume you have already read the whole story. The conversation finished up mentioning about God’s existence. On this story, the barber doesn’t believe in God’s existence. However, at the end he was surprised when his customer made him recognize that God really exists. As you have seen, if people don’t seek for God and don’t ask for God’s help and guidance, life would be filled with pain and sufferings. If we’re experiencing great hardships in life, we should put our trust and faith in the Lord that He is going to be along with us through our pains and sufferings.

This is just one of the inspirational stories about God. If you need to learn and discover more inspirational stories about those who have wonderful experiences with God, then click on this spiritual stories And become inspired in what they’ve got to say for everyone.

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