Chakra Meditation Techniques – Precisely What Are Chakras And How Will You Be Accomplishing The Meditation?

Posted on October 6, 2011
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There are many forms of meditation, for example Zen and Transcendental meditation, to mentionl just 2. Check out meditation for dummies for additional information. One the most historic forms of deep meditation is called chakra meditation, which has been handed down in various types throughout thousands of years.

Chakra meditation techniques involves concentrating one’s attention on a number of seven chakras situated in a collection along the human body. The actual quantity of chakras which can be found on the body is a matter of some discussion, but you need not worry about all that right now.

Chakra Meditation Techniques

The particular seven basic chakras are the Overhead chakra, at the top of the head, the Third Eye chakra in the center of the actual forehead, the Throat chakra, the Heart chakra in the middle of the chest, the Sacral chakra between the belly button and the heart, the Solar Plexus chakra in the stomach area as well as the Root chakra in the base of the backbone.

When you can, take some time to learn more about what chakras are, and the actual properties of each and every. But now that you know where all these “energy centers” are located, they can be utilized to begin meditation.

So chakra meditation involves sitting quietly, most often in the lotus position, and also gently concentrating your mind about each chakra in turn, starting with the actual Crown chakra at the very top.

To begin, simply relax and commence to pay attention to the breathing. You may quickly discover that your mind follows the lead of one’s breathing. If you slow down the breathing and also take heavy, slow, even breaths, this will assist you tremendously in calming your mind and also relaxing.

Once you feel relaxed and so are in a heavy, even inhaling and exhaling groove, so to speak, bring all of your attention to the Crown chakra. Picture it, so when you do, breathe deeply in and out at least one time, or perhaps 3 or 4 times. (There’s no right or wrong). After that move on to the subsequent chakra down, the Third Eye, visualize it, inhale and exhale, and continue on down until you get to the root chakra at your backbone. Then begin again.

This is the most fundamental of chakra meditation techniques. In this short article, you have learned the basics, but almost all readers tend to be strongly asked to check out guided meditation audio along with for more information about the deeper information and also meanings involved with this practice.

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