Accepting Your Destiny In Life

Posted on March 1, 2012
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If I will ask you, “Do you want to get old?” Perhaps nobody wants to get old, right? All of us would like to stay young. Most especially women. Women are usually more health-conscious than males are. Once they reach the ages of 30 above, they became insecure of what their look might be. They want their body to stay firm, as it was when they were still in their younger years. Some women would also experience plastic surgeries just for them to feel and look beautiful and young.

You observe, the majority of people from the middle ages and older would like to stay young. But, can we stop what is going to happen to us? Let us just accept the reality that we, as human, will become old and very soon will die. A Lot Of People are frightened with this reality. But what else can we do? This is just what life is exactly about. It could be very important to us to accept everything that is happening and anything that changes in our life since life is not permanent. We need to cherish every moment. Remember, life doesn’t have any rewind.

However, those people who would like to stay young are not to be blame at all. If your young, you could do all that you need to because your body is still capable of doing so. You aren’t getting sick that easily, you still can walk fast and you still can go on an adventure without getting your body hurt that easily. When you are old there would be a lots of restriction for you, you’ll feel a lot of pain within your body and maybe you would take plenty of medicines. I guess most of us would not want those things to happen.

Let us just accept this reality. It’s where life is taking us. To ACCEPT the reality will be a means for us to still become happy though we are already aging. We should accept every changes in our life. Getting old is a part of our life and it doesn’t mean we simply cannot feel contentment in life.

Michael had a short article about aging and also on how people would improve their minds, as they get older. According to him, the most effective method to help yourself accept the reality of life is by the serenity prayer.

The prayer of serenity is a manner in which can help people who are growing old. To allow them to accept where life will bring them and for them to become encourage that they still deserve to become happy and contented while they’re already aging. It will help them accept every changes in their body and changes in their lifestyle. In that way, they’re letting the divine consciousness flow in their mind and body to possess a peaceful life with God, who would help them guide their life as they get old.

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